East or West, Telugu is the Best!

Thu May 17 2018 22:01:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

This may seem an oxymoronic statement to few but the way the reality shows are crossing the limits in other languages, many will say, "East or West, Telugu is the Best!"

In Hindi TV, even serials have started going film route and we see, many intimate scenes between the lead pair.

In reality shows, the lip locks and bikinis have also become common. Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan took such route in the name of bold and innovative.

Even Tamil Bigg Boss and many shows have gone such controversial route to increase their TRP.

Now, even Marathi Bigg Boss started showing same signs and couples in the participants have started being intimate on screen without much censorship.

After, seeing all that, we can proudly and gladly say that Telugu TV is still trying to be in the limits and not trying to be too edgy to please, latest youth crowds.