Industry Trend: Friday To Thursday

Wed Jun 13 2018 15:16:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Friday is very important to the film industry.  A single Friday can change the fate of a director... it can make him a hero to zero or it can make an unknown person an overnight celebrity. We all know that the majority of the Telugu films release on Fridays.  Not just Telugu but other language films also release on Fridays and it has been continuing like a tradition.

The trend has been slowly changing recently as filmmakers are going for Thursday release.  If we take the recent releases of stars hero films, Superstar Rajinikanth film 'Kaala' released on June 7(Thursday).  The makers are eyeing more collections because it will add one more day to the weekend.  But some people say that it is a smart way to avoid Friday competition because many films will be slated for Friday release.

Whatever be the case, some filmmakers are opting for the Thursday release and setting up a new trend.  If they taste success with Thursday releases, it will not be surprising to see all the filmmakers queue up for Thursday release in future.