That's The Alimony Pawan Paid to Renu Desai!

Tue Nov 14 2017 16:49:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Different versions have been in circulation over the Divorce settlement of Pawan Kalyan & his second wife Renu Desai. It's be speculated that Renu got separated from her husband for the sake of alimony. One of her close relatives once called Renu to say he never thought she is money minded upon believing those rumours. Then, The Actress explained what had actually happened.

In her recent interview, Renu Desai claimed she hadn't sought alimony from Pawan Kalyan after the divorce. 'I didn't even seek money for my maintenance from Pawan Kalyan. Then, He convinced Me to accept at least his house for the sake of our children. I sold that property and invested it in other areas. I took that measure just because education of the kids shouldn't be affected. All the other expenses have been taken care of myself. I have been earning since the age of 16. Invested my earnings in real estate and shares,' she revealed.

Had if Renu Desai revealed these facts much earlier, Such cooked-up stories mayn't have surfaced. Better late than never...what do you say?