Trailer Talk: Suspenseful Drift

Sat Sep 22 2018 17:45:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young filmmakers are coming up with interesting concepts and different ideas. Some seem good for short films and some seem burdened by shortcomings.

They need more budget than they get and end up being made on a very small scale without any good production values or back up for release.

Now, Youtube video maker, Chicago Subbarao a.k.a Prudhvi Sampara is starring in a movie that looks like a complete experimental film with just two characters and one car.

The movie title is The Drifter and it seems have some mythological connections to the way the story unfolds.

Abhilash Makkena is directing the movie and Northern Lights Productions is producing the film. Well, it is a suspense if it is a short fIlm or a full fledged film that will release in theatres.