Vishal's Victory Against Tamil Rockers

Wed Sep 13 2017 15:23:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The piracy is always a bane to the film industry, especially in the South. More than Telugu, the Tamil films are facing the heat of the piracy in a big way. Multiple times, the makers of Tamil films have openly commented about the same and came up with their stand to eradicate the piracy. The Tamil Rockers website is the sole reason for the piracy and finally, the cops in Tamilnadu have taken the admin of the website into their custody. Vishal who issued a warning to the website finally won in catching the person belonging to the website.

Tamil Rockers, Tamil Yogi, Tirutti VCD sites have come to a close now with the special mission from Vishal and team. Vishal has met media after this and clearly explained how his team caught the culprits behind the piracy and made it clear that he just doesn't waste time in speaking.