Tamil Rockers Ok, What About Others?

Wed Sep 13 2017 16:06:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Piracy is always a big trouble that the filmmakers are going to face. This has been the biggest problem for the producers in the past and in the future too. The Tamil rockers website has been the center of this entire piracy racket. Many films irrespective of the language are available on this torrents website. The Tamil Rockers are the main reason in affecting the collections of the movie in Tamilnadu especially for the Tamil films. They are capable of bringing down the quality prints of a movie within two days of its release.

Now, the cops in Chennai arrested an admin person of this website and the police officials are investigating him. Nadigar Sangam secretary Vishal and his team are also responsible for catching him. He has met media yesterday night to inform about the same and said that the cops will take proper action.

Keeping the entire episode aside, it is a good thing that there is an improvement in eradicating the piracy but there are many more gangs and many people involved in this mafia and it is a challenge now if the cops can trace down everyone.