Journalist Opens up about Harassment by a Telugu actor

Tue Oct 16 2018 12:33:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Women journalists from the English media have been breaking their silence and are opening up on sexual harassment. But how come the #metoo movement is only confined to English media? Has become a hot topic.  

Recently, a journalist shared a horrific experience she faced because of a Tollywood actor. She spoke about an actor who is the husband of a famous Telugu singer. "This was in 2015. I approached him for some story. It was filed, published and I thought I was done with him. But I got a message from him in the middle of the night at 2 am one day saying "Hi sup". I found it weird but texted him the next morning asking what he needed. He replied that he was thinking of me ever since he heard my voice. I stopped talking to him but he kept on messaging me saying that he has always fantasized about being with a daring journalist. I clearly stated that I am not interested but he never listened. I have never blocked him because I was worried I might need him for a story in the future and he may not talk to me then. It seems silly at this point but I did think that then. Eventually, within 4 months it was over and that was the best way to end it. I still occasionally get messages but seeing his name still gives me chills. Is

On a concluding note, one may just think that it was just a text message which she could have blocked. But the actor who thought of trying his luck out despite being married itself is disgusting. Women enter into this male-dominated fields with great difficulty which the men can't understand.