Hyderabad is too expensive!!

Thu Sep 14 2017 17:54:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are not calling Hyderabad any names and before you lovers and inhabitants of the city try to write a hate mail on us, just read out what we want to express and then have a go! Film shooting takes place at the area or the region the story demands and also at such a place where the actors and actresses are safe and secure. But Telugu Producers are these days saying that they can't shoot in Hyderabad and trying to pass off some foreign location as Hyderabad or they are trying to set up their stories in Foreign locations. Why you ask? Read here ...  

Kona Venkat, the famous writer and producer revealed,  "We have to pay lot more here for just permissions and then we have to again run around from office to office and also bribe the officials here. Controlling traffic is a big problem and then there is absentism to add to it. Here, hundreds are hired for work that can be completed by say 40 or 50 people! When you go abroad you just take only those many with you and their focus will be on work only. But here, they have families, functions and for the same number of days, you get less output and there you can complete the film. Also, in USA you get cash backs and we got 30% of our cost back after Ninnu Kori. But here just for two days we had to spent more than what we spent on the shooting when you take the averages!"

Well, the trend has been on a surge with Nithiin's LIE and his untitled film shooting there for 75 days and 45 days respectively. The producer of LIE, Anil Sunkara revealed, "We have to pay one lakh per day here as a minimum for shoot and permissions is a bigger headache. There all you do is apply online and take a print out. Also, you follow the rules and hire policemen where ever required, you're done! Here you have to go around get permissions and bribe the police for security. This is just too expensive!"

Abhishek Nama of Abhishek Pictures too echoed the same, he said, "We are shooting in Pollachi with minute number of sets as everything we require like wind mills and lots of greenery is already here and all we have to do is pay up the require amounts. We are spending 4 crores here and in Hyderabad and Telugu states it will be nearly 7 crores!" Abhishek us producing the movie with Pooja Hegde and Bellamkonda Srinivas as leads in the direction of Sriwas. Well, two years ago, Srimanthudu starring Mahesh Babu has been shot in Malaysia to make us believe it as Hyderabad with the help of VFX.

Also, the crew of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is also planning to shoot the most part of their film in a foreign location with a set that resembles Kurnool district of 1860's. On the whole, the makers are looking to shoot outside India and Telugu states as they are unable to bear the production burden.