Won't It Be Easy For Heroes To Build It?

Tue Sep 04 2018 15:16:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is no denial in one thing, that is, how much ever actors try to say that they are all one, egos and favouritism plays key roles in their decision making. Hence, we always see some or the other problem in Movie Artists Association.

Latest issue has been the biggest issue from past ten years. The association has been lacking in funds to construct a building but none of the heroes are coming forward to donate bigger amounts to solve the issue.

MAA has been trying to conduct cricket matches and events to gather funds. Even for charity, actors and film Industry try to conduct events so that they can donate a lump sum amount.

This strategy has been adopted by actors since Sr. NTR time. Those days the remunerations are not so high but today from Vijay Devarakonda to Nani to Nagarjuna to Chiranjeevi to NTR to Mahesh, all charge more than 2 crores per film.

Well, if they all at least donate Rs.25 lakhs from their pockets, MAA can collect a fund of Rs. 4 - 5 crores and with one or two events they can make it Rs. 10 crores if they conduct in India.

But MAA rather than trying to go the easy way chose to take Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Mahesh and Prabhas to USA for events which will over burden them.

As they decided to do so, it gave raise to another ego clash and financial controversy within the board members. Won't it be easy if big stars and small actors get together and raise a fund than fighting in public, like this?

 Already Sri Reddy fiasco decreased TFI's image and if this issue gets even bigger, MAA will soon become a laughing stock!