Who Said Tarak Can Match Sr NTR?

Sun Oct 14 2018 23:47:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Trivikram Srinivas offered complete credit for the success of 'Aravindha Sametha' to Jr NTR - 'To start this film, complete it & earn Rs 100 crore Gross in 4 days…everything happened because of Tarak. Why I say its an emotional journey is because it arrived after a failure and tragedy'.

'Artham Lo Nenu Ela Unna Ani Cheppukunte Ela Vuntundo…Sunil Gurinchi Nenu Chebithe Ala Untundhi'.

'Ram-Laxman Master stopped doing stunts. They had earned the stature of directing a piece of the movie. They aren't stunt masters but action directors'.

'A highly-capable actor like NTR is very rare to find in any generation. When it comes to acting, He is like a torchbearer. NTR's emotional sequence with Naga Babu in the car was completed within 10-15 minutes. Staying in the moment is a very great quality…he is such a rare Actor. Certainly, NTR have the capability to match his Grandfather. Sr NTR is my favorite hero…I don't like to compare anyone with him. But, NTR have the age, talent, journey to reach there…its god's gift. He is disciplined, honest, straight-forward, doesn't get involved in unnecessary issues and goes to any extent to achieve what is necessary. We needn't have to stop such a person…just need to offer claps during his journey'.