Nasty Comments On PK's Heroine Private Parts

Tue Jul 17 2018 17:33:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Faceless people on Social Media continue to make Celebrities, actresses in particular, soft targets. Some times, They don't even mind passing lewd comments and troll even if there is nothing to fault. A Popular Heroine who shared screen space with some of the top stars of Telugu Cinema had a similar experience.

Recently, Ameesha Patel shared pictures of herself while being on a shopping spree at a mall in Dubai. Few Netizens began passing disgusting comments on her private parts. This resulted in exchange of objectionable rants between Ameesha's supporters and haters.

Most importantly, There is nothing offensive about the dressing of Ameesha Patel in the pictures. Still, The 'Badri' Actress became a target of trolls.

In the past, Ameesha Patel was slut-shamed whenever she shared hot pictures on her social media handles. But, What's being done to her now is disgusting to say the least.