This New Anchor Is Most Desirable

Thu May 17 2018 21:57:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Annually, few magazines and big news outlets, do come up with polls to decided who is the most desirable among the celebrities on TV and Film.

This year's most desirable list women on TV is also out. According to this, many new anchors have been able to topple the likes of Anasuya and Reshmi.  

Also, few leading ladies of television serials got their place ahead of these veterans.

Varshini Soundarrajan topped the list and Vishnu Priya, came second to her. Meghana Lokesh, main lead of Sashirekha Parinayam, Krithika Singh, lead of Ok Jaanu serial followed them up.

Reshmi made to Top 5, followed by Anasuya and Sreemukhi at 6 and 7. Well, Anasuya, Reshmi and Sreemukhi, did follow set a trend to stay away from homely image of Suma, Jhansi.

Now, Vishnu Priya and Varshini are taking that even forward with their beauty and we have to say, TV seems to be getting more glamorous with their entry.