It's ok Varun! It Happens!

Thu May 18 2017 21:45:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Varun Tej, the young brigade actor  from Mega compound is finding it difficult to face a humiliation of a film such as Mister. The actor had many hopes on the movie and thought Srinu Vaitla will revive himself and also give him much awaited commercial success after a disappointment like Puri Jagannath's Loafer.

The actor has received praises for his acting in both Mukunda and Kanche. Even Loafer did not damage his reputation. Being a shy and soft spoken person, Varun normally doesn't come out much often and with Mister embarrassment he completely confined to his room and work as per the sources. Even though his close friends invited him for an audio function, the actor said sorry and asked them not to disturb him further as he feels low and doesn't want to come out in public at this time.

Well, we can't deny that Varun Tej has grown in a protective environment and Mister has not just been a disaster that cost over 25 crores for producers but the actor also received extreme criticism for his acting in the movie. We do feel for him, but like his cousins Ram Charan and Sai Dharam Tej who did face similar situations and countered the embarrassment, we do hope Varun Tej can come out soon understanding that this is all part of the game. There is never a great film like your previous success and one as an actor needs to believe in positivity more than negative elements. All we can say is, "It's ok Varun! It Happens and this not end of the world!"