Is This Venky-Pawan Scene?

Thu Jan 11 2018 13:12:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Agnyaathavaasi' became a hot topic for several reasons for the past ten days and it continues to grab the headlines even now. Apart from the movie talk and reviews, one thing has literally caught the attention of the audience i.e., the absence of Victory Venkatesh cameo in the film.

The audience were eager to see Venky in the film but they were left disappointed.  But the latest talk reveals that Trivikram reportedly picturised a scene on Venky and Pawan but he kept it under wraps to add it after the release.  That's fine but what is Venky's character in the film?   The audience who watched 'Agnyaathavaasi' will remember a fight where Pawan kills the attackers when he was with the heroine.  He makes sure that the heroine doesn't know about the killings.  Mahabharata scene will be going on in the background at the time of the fight.

Venky will appear in the scene in Police avatar after the fight and aks..

Venky: Who has done all this?

Pawan: Its Me

Venky: Why did you do this?

Pawan: They attacked me and I killed them

Venky:  It is not killed all of them

Pawan: Yes I did it

Venky: You look like the hero who mouthed 'Nakkonchem Tikkundi.. Daanniko Lekkundi'. You and that hero have similarities.

Pawan:  Is it.. I also watched that film (and repeats 'thikka' dialogue)

Venky:  No.. you didn't do it well.  That hero did it well (Then Venky goes away)

The scene appears to be interesting.. isn't it? It seems Trivikram should have included it in the film on the release day itself.