Trailer Talk: Vijay Antony Impresses Again

Wed Oct 11 2017 22:43:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamil hero Vijay Antony always comes up with interesting teasers and trailer irrespective of the result of his films.  It is known that Vijay Antony has created a decent market for himself with the dubbed film 'Bichagadu'.  He came up with two films 'Betaludu'.. 'Yaman' later. Even though the teasers and trailers have generated curiosity among the audience, the two films couldn't meet expectations and failed at the box office.

Coming to the present, he came up with the trailer of his new film 'Indrasena'(Annadurai in Tamil).  It is to be remembered that Megastar Chiranjeevi has launched the first look of 'Indrasena' a few days ago.  The hero is shown as a failed person in his life by the backstabbing and cheating of others.  How he recovers from such a situation and succeeded in his life is the concept of the trailer.  'Indrasena' story revolves around rowdyism and politics as per the trailer   

The dialogues and the trailer concept are impressive and the trailer is intense.  Vijay's dubbed voice is good.  'Indrasena' appears to be a serious film just like his earlier films. We have to wait and see whether Vijay is going to impress the audience with the film or he will be contented with the good trailer itself.

Vijay has produced the film in association with Radikaa Sarathkumar.  G. Srinivasan is the director. The makers are planning to release the film in December.