Mahesh fears like Krishna - Vijaya Nirmala

Sun Aug 05 2018 16:38:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijaya Nirmala made to Guinness Record books as the only women director to make more than 40 films and she also acted in 200 films in various roles.

She is more known to this generation as Superstar Krishna's wife than an actress or a director. She doesn't mind that identity but we have to respect her talent and individuality too.

She is second wife to Krishna but never had any unsocial and uncivilised relationship with any of Krishna's kids from his first wife.

She has a great fondness for Mahesh and talked about him in a recent interview.

She said, "Mahesh like Krishna garu fear about talking to women. Krishna garu can't talk to women looking into their eye as he is extremely shy in front of them and I observed same with Mahesh too.

Mahesh makes it a point that he doesn't hurt women intentionally or unintentionally. He has many similarities with Krishna garu on-screen and off-screen as well.

While watching Bharat Ane Nenu, in many scenes for me, it was like watching Krishna garu and in one shot when Mahesh wore a mustache, it was like stamp print of Krishna garu.

He is such a well-mannered kid that any mother would love to be his parent!"