Vijayendra Prasad about Mersal Controversy!

Sun Oct 22 2017 16:48:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijayendra Prasad is one of the famous writers of Telugu and Indian Cinema. His stories for Baahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan have proved to be highly successful and he is know planning to give bis stories for Tamil Movies as well. He recently gave story to Mersal movie, starring Vijay in three characters. Atlee, made this movie and it has become controversial with Vijay commenting on Corporate hospitals and GST.

For several days, Mersal vs Modi has become a trending topic and Tamil Nadu, BJP has announced that they will ban the movie and not let it play in theatres if the makers won't back out on their false statements regarding GST. Vijayendra Prasad the writer, reacted to these allegations and threats. He said, "In Singapore only 8% GST is being collected while in India 28% is collected. Still Indians don't get enough medical facilities while with less taxes, Singapore is providing free medical health care to citizens. Everything has become business and Corporate hospitals are not caring for patients but trying to make money off them!"

He continued, "In such situation, we need people to question this and no system is fool proof. If you do not question, then how can you get answers for the problems and how will the government know about problems? This film has a message and questions that everyone should be aware off and telling truth should not be censored! All this controversy is a much bigger publicity for our film." Mersal as Adirindi will release in Telugu on 26th October as per the reports. Also, producers are ready to remove the dialogues for the controversy to end.