Why Tollywood need someone like Vishal?

Thu Apr 20 2017 15:41:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vishal took some sensational decisions after being elected as President of Tamil Producer's Council. He announced that a single rupee from every movie ticket sold out will be offered to the farmers of Tamil Nadu. Few Producers questioned him why he is giving scope for fresh problems by taking such decisions. But, Vishal remained firm on the stand taken by him.

After that, The 'Pandem Kodi' Actor focussed on the drastic difference between the Satellite Rights of Low-budget and Star-Studded Films. He accused TV Channels of using trailers, songs and scenes of small films without even offering anything in return. Then, He asked Producers of Low-Budget Films not to offer the feed to TV Channels for free of cost.

Pointing out that Channels have been getting huge revenue because of Film-related Content, Vishal questioned, 'Why don't the Media Houses offer a portion of their earnings to makers of low-budget films? I took this decision to boost the income generation of small projects'.

Even in Tollywood, There is need for a person like Vishal to implement such bold decisions. Will Aa Naluguru allow that to happen?