Producer commits Suicide, Vishal calls it Murder!

Wed Nov 22 2017 15:14:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamil Producer B Ashok Kumar, who is a close relative of Popular Actor-cum-Director Sasi Kumar, committed suicide on Tuesday evening due to the pressure exerted by a Financier on him. The suicide note reveals about the exorbitant interest received by the Financier in the past 7 years.

Hero Siddharth said it's very painful to hear the news of a Young Producer committing suicide because of financial pressure. He didn't hesitate to say Tamil Cinema is full of such debts but what the World gets to see is the lies of success and fame. 'The entire system needs overhaul. Farmer or film maker, suicide is a curse. Condolences to Sasikumar and family,' he wrote.

Tamil Film Producers Council Vishal found fault with how Financier Anbuchezhian behaved in the case of Ashok Kumar. 'It's not a suicide but murder. Ashok Kumar sacrificed his life succumbing to the pressure created by Financiers. Police should consider this as a murder & not suicide. This is a direct warning to all Financiers…It's time for you all to run, since this death will be the last. We as producers will stand united and put an end to this come what many. We are all here to pay back our loans, not going to run away. We will work hard and pay our loans. No more arm twisting,' declares the Actor.

A case under Section 306 (abetment of suicide) was registered against the Financier.