Vishal shows his big heart with a rupee!

Thu Sep 14 2017 15:19:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Vishal, has been known for his daring and dashing nature. He made sure that he fights for the right cause and he rebels for the right people. The actor has made it a point that all the Industries around him have a good considerate look towards the problems. He fought against some old world thinking and filled the Film Counci with young members in Tamil Nadu.

Now, the actor has proved his big heart once again by talking to Finance Minister of India about the problems of Farmers in Tamil Nadu. The state is facing a huge drought and the farmers are killing themselves unable to bear the burden of interests and installments. As the water is not available to the major farming lands in Cauvery basin and also, Vaigai river basin, farmers have been fighting about the issue in Delhi and even in the state.

Even though Vishal did take the problem to Cabinet Minister's table, still no resolution has been achieved. To help them, he decided to share one rupee from every ticket that his movie Thupparivalan, a detective movie produced by himself will sell. The movie is releasing on 15th September. Many are praising his gesture and few of the politicians have even started inviting him into their party. Vishal is busy shooting for his next movie, Sandakozhi 2/Pandem Kodi 2 and in the script works of Temper remake.