What Happened To Bigg Boss Contestants?

Thu Nov 08 2018 17:46:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

The second season of Bigg Boss has finally come to an end. Hosted by Nani, the season went on for 106 days and ended recently. TV actor Kaushal Manda emerged as the title winner.

Before Bigg Boss season 2, only a few people used to recognize Kaushal. But during the season 2, Kaushal gained a huge fan following. He ended up winning the title as well. The craze for Kaushal sustained for a short time. Immediately after the show ended, rumours came out that Kaushal got hero offers from star directors etc but over time, all the rumours got busted. It has been a month and not even a single contestant from Bigg Boss is facing a big change in the career. Tejaswi got a show host offer and Bhanu Sree is still testing her luck as a heroine. The other contestants are not even coming in front of the cameras.

It is evident that Bigg Boss hasn't played a crucial role in their careers. The audience used to fight with each other forming into groups when the show was on air but everyone is minding their own business now. One is wondering whether any celebrities come forward to participate in season 3 or not.