What Worked For Baahubali 2 Better Than 2.0?

Fri Sep 14 2018 13:36:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is this comparison between 2.0 and Baahubali 2 from the day the movies have been announced. Shankar announced his big 3D dream project 2.0, the moment Baahubali showed that there is market for big budget VFX films.

While Rajamouli made a clever decision to tell one story in two films with big suspense, he did make sure that VFX is not the major USP of his film in any case.

But Shankar who used to use VFX as only tool to tell his ideas, seems to have completely surrendered himself to VFX.

At least the teaser of 2.0, doesn't really impress as much as we expected because the film seems to bring all the beloved characters from Robo back and also give away what it is all about in just the teaser itself.

With so much going on any viewer would be excited to watch the film but many are feeling that it doesn't match to the hype because the visuals seem close to Robo and rehash of old ideas..

A social reality like radiation and relevant topic like over population, might be his subject for 2.0 but including VFX in every frame is a big setback for Shankar.

Rajamouli did not play his hand completely very smartly for a second picture to exist and Dhoom franchise is all about who will be the next thief.

So, today even if Rajamouli goes back to make Baahubali sequel he will have re-introduce characters and see that they are as cleverly written as the first one.

But Shankar seem to be bringing Chitti and 2.0 conflict again to deliver a message with VFX extravaganza than a character drama that he specialises in. Let's wait till 2.0 releases to come for a conclusion.