What is Charmee celebrating here?

Wed May 16 2018 16:05:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

A video of actress Charmee dancing with a bottle and two glasses has surfaced on Internet recently. 

She is dancing as energetically as she ever does and this is gaining huge interest among the social media crowd.

We see many youngsters these days coming on social media and trying to give their comments on various things.

Those who are watching this video, are wondering if Charmee is celebrating the failure of Mehbooba?

Well, she won't be doing that as she is the executive producer of the movie working on behalf of Puri Connects.

So, is this an old video? Or is it a new one? We do not know. She could be just cheering up her team for successfully completing a tough movie like Mehbooba.

She could be seriously enjoying the success as the team, believes the movie is a success.

We cannot be sure about the video but we sure can rub off some energy from her dance moves in this one, after a tiring day of work.