What is happening to Tamannah?

Sun Dec 09 2018 17:04:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamannah Bhatia has been trying hard to repeat her success after Baahubali and she has been putting all sincere efforts in films but they seem to end up flops.

She is someone who could carefully establish a career from scratch but this kind of downfall isn't expected from her films.

She had a negligible role in Baahubali-2. Her film Abhinetri, in which she believed so much ended up being an half-baked attempt.

This year she had two releases. Naa Nuvve and Next Enti. Naa Nuvve had Kalyanram and young successful Team promoting it.

Jayendra directed the movie and she said many great things about him. But the movie ended up as a disaster.

Now, Next Enti ended up with deficits on the first day, which is a holiday in Nizam. She did her best in both the films, promoted them and even did not shy away from doing intimate scenes in the movies.

She still has Sye Raa and That is Mahalakshmi to hit theatres and two more films in production but except for Sye Raa, her fans are not even excited about others.

They are all worried, What is happening to her? And asking, "Why is she choosing such subjects?"