Who is the Sankrathi Winner, 2018?

Sun Jan 14 2018 17:56:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

For our Film Industry, that is, Telugu Film Industry, films that come out during Sankranthi season are the major revenue spinners as they come during a time, when A, B. and C, Centres audience are ready to embrace a good festival film with families and also, watch them in repeats if the movie is good.

We saw, how Soggade Chinni Nayana - Khaidi No. 150, GPSK and Shatamanam Bhavathi Showed how much business is possible in this season even with stiff competition. After two record breaking Sankranthi seasons, many wanted to schedule their movies for 2018, Sankranthi but only four films dared to challenge each other.

First of them all, Agnyathavaasi, with a proven successful combination, Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram came out on 10th January,2018. The movie surprised many not just with the first day collections but mainly, content wise. Nobody in their dream expected a Trivikram movie, that to with Pawan Kalyan to have such crass humour and insignificant scenes. There is an outright rejection for the film in few areas and addition of Victory Venkatesh cameo, should help to collect a few more crores but the impact of negative word of mouth has done all the damage.

Jai Simha, Nandamuri Balakrishna has come out with another mass commercial entertainer for Sankranthi. Well, Balakrishna remains to be one actor who sticks to his genre and doesn't push it much beyond a point. There are films like Gautamiputra Satakarni, Aditya 369, Bhairavadweepam, but they are too far and few. That familiarity factor and also, over melodrama in the second half affected the movie.

Gang, Suriya's wait to find a movie that will be a hit in Telugu and Tamil, still continues even after the release of this film. We have seen him do wonders like Ghajini, Brothers, Surya S/o Krishnan but with Singham franchise, his market has changed and with it his ideology too. Special 26 is more of an average fare even in Hindi and making that film a more hero centric might be a good idea in Tamil as people there don't encourage many Hindi films, but Suriya is not the same kind of popular star in Telugu and that affected the movie.

Finally, Rangularatnam released today. Raj Tharun needed a hit badly after Kittu Unnadu Jagrattha and Andhaagadu. Mainly, Andhaagadu affected his market and he needed to comeback strongly with Rangularatnam. But even this film too seemed like a been there done that film than a fresh take on romance. A high Selva Raghavan hangover made the film too alien for Telugu audience but it can be easily seen once if you are ok with slow pace.

On the whole, this for this Sankranthi we cannot name a winner as none of the films qualify to the standards of market revenue that Soggade Chinni Nayana, Shatamanam Bhavathi, Khaidi No. 150, GPSK have collected in the last two seasons. Hence, 2018 started with some huge disappointments and we have to accept this fact and look for next big releases like Bhagamathie, Touch Chesi Choodu for respite.