Why This Top Heroine Isn't On Social Media?

Sun Apr 15 2018 23:27:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's near impossible for a Film Celeb to maintain distance from social media in the present times. Which celebrities wouldn't like to promote themselves, their films and agendas. Even someone like Pawan Kalyan who commented few years ago that he can't reveal everything happening in his life on a public platform joined the Twitter bandwagon.

There is one Top Heroine who is still unaffected by the impact of Social Media. Who else other than Kangana Ranaut can achieve such rare feats?

The 'Queen' Star explains she isn't on Social Media as it's so consuming. A lot of times she received advices from Agents, 'Just Open An Account, Don't Post If You Don't Feel Like Sharing Anything. Or else, Allow us to post on your behalf'.

Whereas, Kangana turned down such suggestions straightaway as she has never done anything in life without her involvement. This is why she achieved the numero uno position!