Why are you so concerned about My Moustache?

Mon Oct 16 2017 18:01:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akkineni Nagarjuna was fed up answering questions related to his makeover since the day he began appearing sans 'Moustache' & 'Beard'. This is how he reacted in a recent media interaction: 'Na Meesam, Na Istam!'.

Tollywood King claimed clueless why the Media is projecting his new look like a big issue. 'Why are you so concerned about My Moustache & Beard? What's the big deal about it?,' he questioned in a bit serious tone.

Speculations are in circulation that Nagarjuna has been undergoing the screen test for Lord Krishna's role in Rs 1000 crore project based on Mahabharata. Nag, however, didn't condemn these reports so far. He just maintained that the intention is to remain unrecognizable during his upcoming foreign tour.

What's the necessity to remove moustache few weeks in advance if the reason quoted by Nag is true? Certainly, There should be some hidden agenda but King is reluctant to reveal it as of now.