Will Sukumar deliver another raw movie with Mahesh?

Wed Oct 17 2018 18:01:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Charan has a huge image of his father, Megastar Chiranjeevi and uncle, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan behind him to attempt a complete mass makeover. Both the actors tried their hands at massy films and delivered box office hits.

Still, 1980's rough and raw, Chiranjeevi is liked by many Telugu Cinema lovers. Even youngsters when they watch those old movies get arrested to the mass characters that Chiranjeevi pulled off.

So, Charan attempting similar raw character in Rangasthalam, worked big time because of that established image. On the other hand, Mahesh even though has Superstar Krishna's mass image behind him, never could give raw films.

His looks doesn't allow him to be part of such films as well. The most raw characters he played can be said to be Murari and Pokiri. Businessman doesn't come across as such raw, gritty film in comparison to Pokiri.

The latest news is that Sukumar who gave a huge blockbuster and makeover for Ram Charan in Rangasthalam, is planning a movie on 1950's Independence Movement of Telangana state.

Rajanna came with the similar line but rather than concentrating on a heroic character like Rajanna, it concentrated on an young girl for novelty. Even though critics praised the effort, box office audience did not find it convincing.

The major problem was that the movie couldn't really establish the point well enough. In retrospect, except for Bharateeyudu none of the movies that include Independence movement have become a hit in last two decades.

So, counting all the factors, this film seems to be a big experiment from Sukumar if that will be the final script. Well, he has few more ideas it seems and before March, he will be ready with first draft for Mahesh movie, it seems.