#MeToo Should Not Be Mis-Used - Rajnikanth

Sat Oct 20 2018 18:37:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Superstar Rajnikanth returned from Lucknow after completing his shoot for the film, Petta to Chennai. He talked to press at the airport and shared few interesting opinions.

He talked about the current topics in India and his political ambitions. About him announcing his party agenda on 12th December, he denied to have any such plans

He said, "I completed 90% of the works required to launch a political party. The works are going on and once, everything is done, I will come forward with all my plans and agenda. I never said on 12th December, I will announce the agenda and that is false news."

About Vairamuthu and #MeToo, he said, "Vairamuthu did deny the allegations and said he is ready to face the matter in court. Law of land should take it's own action. I have nothing to comment on that.

 I believe in #MeToo and I want many to come forward and use it wisely. There is so much of misuse that can make the movement spineless. Women should be aware of it."

He later also said, "I welcome and resort Supreme Court orders. But every temple has its own rules and regulations from ages. We cannot deny that as it is an issue of belief.

We should be highly sensitive towards the issue and find an amicable solution. At times not changing the prevailing order could be the best possible solution."