I Will Smack Your Jaw Until It Dislocates, Says This Heroine

Mon Feb 19 2018 21:54:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Zareen Khan got a great launchpad by acting besides Salman Khan. But the movie failed and she remained a wannabe star actress.

Due to social media, trolls who don't really know when to stop or where is the line that they shouldn't cross, started  commenting on actresses like her. Even though she would ignore them, a new MTV show, brought her troll and her, face to face.

MTV, started a new show, Troll Police and started bringing the celebrity that got trolled by a person on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram face to face with the celebrity.

Zareen Khan met her troll and immediately, pointed at the mean tweets he kept posting on social media about her and others.

The actress couldn't stand the troll's silence and started cruycusng him as well. With anger she scolded him, "Do you really think your parents will be proud of your words? If you're a doctor should you behave so cheaply?"

She kept asking even more questions and the other person, couldn't answer her. She shared the promo video of the encounter on her Instagram page and asked all to tune in and find out what happens after their confrontation.