#MeToo: Top Actress Rejects Huge Money!

Mon Oct 22 2018 17:54:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here is the other side of the ongoing #MeToo Movement. A Top League Actress in Bollywood was contacted with a proposal. All she need to do is making Sexual Harassment allegations against a Star Hero during a Celebrity Talk Show.

Apparently, The Actress turned down the lucrative offer (worth almost equal to what her previous film collected at the Box Office) without a second thought saying she isn't the one who would make false allegations for the sake of quick bucks. Those Film Personalities who came up with the proposal have gone silent upon receiving the setback.

Star Hero who escaped luckily from the conspiracy need to thank the Actress who saved him from the danger. Imagine, What could have been the damage caused by such allegations to the career and reputation of a Celebrity? Any such false allegations shouldn't be entertained to ensure #MeToo Movement stays longer.