"CHELIYAA will have you on your feet clapping"

Wed Apr 05 2017 22:10:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

You have been teased by the terrific trailers of 'CHELIYAA' and haven't stopped humming the lovely songs like 'Na CHELIYAA'. Now grab the tickets before they're sold-out .Be the first to be stunned by movie magic. Get ready to watch Mani Ratnam's latest masterpiece 'CHELIYAA' even before India wakes up. You will be swept off your feet by a sea of emotions only the master of romance, Mani Ratnam is capable of.

'CHELIYAA' is a love story about the various phases in an intense relationship. Karthi plays a fighter pilot, a first in Indian cinema and the beautiful Adithi, a doctor. For the first time, Mani has shot some crucial scenes and a song for 'CHELIYAA' abroad. "It was necessary because Serbia was the only place we could shoot scenes involving fighter jets," says Mani.

Every cinematographer's dream is to work with Mani and it has come true for Ravi Verman, famous for many beautiful visual wonders he created across various movies. "I was nervous, not about my talent but living up to Mani sir’s expectations," confesses Ravi. He need not be worried because the visuals in 'CHELIYAA' are stunning.

It is the 25th year of the Mani Ratnam-AR Rahman cinematic collaboration and the magic continues in 'CHELIYAA'. "The songs are fantastic as usual but I love his background score in 'CHELIYAA'," says Mani. Directors usually hire the best technical talent to hide a poor story but Mani hires them to highlight his brilliant scripts like in 'CHELIYAA'.

A suave, fit looking Karthi says he was inspired by Suriya in 'Varanam Ayiram' while the beautiful Adithi says she would jump off a cliff if Mani asked her to.

Come fall in love, if not for the first time then all over again after watching 'CHELIYAA'.