"Mega blood drive in USA by APTA"

Sun Jun 18 2017 17:56:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

To commemorate the mark of the 40th anniversary since Megastar Chiranjeevi entered into Telugu feature film Industry, who has stolen our heart and as been name of very household of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana - Sri Ravanam Swami Naidu garu, Founder and President of Akhila Bharata Chiranjeevi Yuvatha, has initiated a blood drive to support a noble cause by organizing blood drives at 40 different US States.

As we all know, Megastar Chiranjeevi runs a blood bank in India to supply blood to millions of people for emergency medical needs. Yuvatha association is bringing in sequence of blood drives even in USA starting from July 14th to August 22nd.   

The great initiative is driven successfully by Yuvatha sangam last year and has bloomed into much more mass every year. This year as a second national USA blood drive was conducted by Mr.Vijay Repalle with association of APTA  - Sri Ravanam Swami Naidu garu Inaugurated the blood Donation Drive June 10th in Virginia USA.

The Inaugural blood drive was attended by nearly 70 localities and blood was donated by nearly 20 Fans.

While speaking in the Inaugural event - Sri Ravanam swami naidu and Vijay Repalle conveyed the heartfelt thanks to the Innova blood bank manager AJ Hughes and his team.


Press note released by: Indian Clicks, LLC