15 Journalists Accuse Minister Of Sexual Abuse

Wed Oct 17 2018 15:19:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

As many as 15 Women alleged Union Minister MJ Akbar has sexually harassed them. Priya Ramani was the first woman to make such an allegation. Thereafter, Several other women journalists accused him of resorting to sexual abuse.

MJ Akbar was the editor of Asian Age Newspaper. Tushita Patel, who is one of his 15 victims, was a trainee in Asian Age in Kolkata in the year 1992. After a meeting with the 22-Year-Old along with other staff, MJ Akbar got to know her phone number and asked her to meet in his hotel room. When she rang the bell, Akbar opened the door while being only in an underwear. She was so scared and had been in a awkward situation.

One more time, MK Akbar asked Tushita Patel to meet him at the hotel for work. This time, He grabbed her and kissed forcibly. 'I ran until I could see the road, got into an auto rickshaw and then broke down,' she revealed.

The next morning at the conference room, Mr.Akbar grabbed Patel again and kissed hard. She cried until Akbar left the building, went to the bathroom and washed her face. The journalist quit Asian Age in the year 2000.

MJ Akbar continued to deny the allegations and maintained he wouldn't quit as Union Minister of State for External Affairs.