AP Intelligence Officers Camping In Hyd

Thu Sep 13 2018 11:48:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Second Phase of Telangana Movement destroyed TDP so badly that even it struggled to prove it's existence. Particularly, Chandrababu-led Party suffered a mighty blow with the defection of 13 MLAs to TRS and Congress after 2014 Elections. Sandra Venkata Veeraiah and R Krishnaiah are the only two MLAs who are yet to ditch Telugu Desam.

Chandrababu Naidu considers the upcoming Assembly Polls as an opportunity to strengthen Telangana TDP. To accomplish the mission, He didn't hesitate to have an alliance with arch-rival Congress and even got ready to have a tie-up with as many parties as possible.

As per media reports, About 15 Officials of the AP Intelligence Bureau have been camping in Hyderabad since few days. While TRS and Congress have been focusing on capturing the power, TDP is only focussing on increasing it's strength. Telangana TDP wishes to contest in 15 Assembly and 2 Lok Sabha Constituencies. AP IB Officials have been given the task to identify the best candidates to contest on behalf of TDP in these constituencies.