35 Lakh Hyderabadis Left For Their Native Places!

Sun Jan 14 2018 12:27:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Busy roads with all sorts of vehicles.. traffic jams.. travelling hours together for even short distances.. this is a common picture of main roads in Hyderabad.  On a festival day, everybody come on to the roads for either shopping or spending their day at the hang out places.  The present situation is completely contrasting due to Sankranthi Festival.

The habit of visiting their native places is increasing nowadays and most of the employees try to visit their villages at least once a year to meet their close relatives.  Holidays for schools and three days holiday for the majority of the offices will make things easier for the families for visiting their native places.   The special of this Sankranthi is that the festival started on the weekend.. so the number of people visiting their native places increased furthermore.

An estimate reveals that 20 lakh Hyderabadis travelled to their native places.  This estimate is based on the travellers by trains and buses only.  If we include the people who used their own transport, the number will easily touch 30 lakhs.  These figures are estimated until Saturday afternoon.  If we include the number of people who travelled on Saturday night and Sunday the number will be more than 35 lakhs.

As a huge number city residents left Hyderabad, the roads are appearing empty now.  The people and the number of vehicles plying on the roads are very low.  Shopping malls.. multiplexes.. other hang out places are lying empty, unlike general weekends.  Usually, there will be so much crowd at the pubs on weekends. But the crowd was relatively less at all the famous pubs in Hyderabad on Saturday night.  It shows the impact of Sankranthi.