38 Percent decline in Indians seeking Jobs in US

Wed Oct 18 2017 22:44:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Be it US or UK, There is a sharp decline among Indians aspiring for jobs. While it's been down by 38 percent in case of America, The fall is up to 42 percent for Britain. Whereas, About 21 percent drop could be noticed in Indians looking for work in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A survey for the 2016-17 has disclosed these facts. Overall, There is a 5 percent decline in Indians wanting jobs abroad.

Experts say, Steady growth of Indian economy and growing preference for locals in foreign soil has been prompting highly skilled Indians to go in search of jobs here itself or launch start-ups.

There is 25 percent increase in UK Citizens looking for jobs in India. A 170 increase in Job Seekers from Asia-Pacific region to India. Make in India initiative and improvement in ease of doing business are the reasons.

About 49 percent of people still aspire for jobs in US. It's 16 percent for UAE, 9 percent for Canada, 5 percent for UK, 4 percent for Singapore, 3 percent for Australia, 2 percent for Qatar, 1 percent each for South Africa and Bahrain.

While there are 12,000 Indian immigrants in US by 1960, The population of Indian community has gone up to 2.4 million by 2015. Indians are the 2nd largest immigrant group in US. Mexicans occupy the top spot.

Whereas, 1.5 million Indians have been living in UK. Indians are the largest single ethnic minority group in Britain.