6 Months wait for Divorce not Compulsory anymore

Wed Sep 13 2017 11:42:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a major relief to Hindu couples seeking divorce, Supreme Court passed a ruling that it's pointless to prolong the judgement to make a purposeless marriage work and it's more like continuing the distress of the individuals involved. The Apex Court had given powers to the Judges to decide whether or not the mandatory six months 'cooling off' period can be waived depending on Couples.

As per Hindu Marriage Act 1995, A Couple seeking divorce of mutual consent will have to wait for 18 months to obtain what they want. Apart from establishing 12 Months of Separation, They will have to bear with 6 Months 'Cooling Off' period which is meant for reunion if there is any possibility.

Supreme Court now permits the waiver off 6 month 'cooling off' period to those couples who doesn't have any chances of reunion. Conditions Apply: Only those couples who reached an understanding on alimony and child custody can avail this waiver.