Cops Shouts - At Least One Should Die!

Wed May 23 2018 21:14:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

A 16-Year-Old Girl was one among the 12 People who died because of police firing during the anti-sterlite protest in Tamil Nadu. The approach of policemen towards the protestors came under the scanner now.

A Cop in plain clothes was caught on camera aiming his rifle towards the protesters after reaching atop a police van. A bunch of armed police personnel clad in bullet-proof jackets were seen staring at him while standing near the vehicle.

When the Cop was aiming his riffle, A Police Personnel shouted: 'At Least One Should Die'. Within short time, The first shot has been fired from the riffle.

These shocking pictures raise the doubt if we are in India or Syria/Iraq when such incidents are reported quite often. Unrest is still continuing in Thoothukudi over the Sterlite Industries.