Pawan - You Can't Scare Me: ABN RK

Sun Dec 10 2017 12:42:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

On the second day of his 4-Days AP Tour, Pawan Kalyan made few comments targeting ABN Andhrajyothi MD Radhakrishna. He accused Andhrajyothi of trying to project him as a representative of one particular caste. He even threatened to disclose caste equations in the Media Houses if he was projected in a wrong manner.

Interestingly, Andhrajyothi has given ample coverage to the programmes of Pawan Kalyan during the past four days. Even Radhakrishna dedicated his weekend column to Powerstar this time.

ABN MD claimed he is considering the comments made by Pawan Kalyan as a warning. He, however, says Jana Sena Chief has completely misunderstood the comments made by him. 'Actually, I wrote that Pawan Kalyan isn't only a good-hearted person but have an aggressive nature and he is yet to gain the traits of a Politician in the column dated on July 12th, 2015. When he went to Capital Villages, Youth belonging to Kapu Community made enough hungama. In reality, PK don't have caste feeling and he wishes to be a representative of all the people. But, There is threat of branding him as a representative of one caste because of over-enthusiasm shown by few people. That's what I had written..I don't understand what's wrong in saying so! When Pawan reacted indirectly, I had given a clarification on August 30th, 2015,' he explained.

During his tour, A Woman commented: 'Vangaveeti Ranga Vastunnaru…Pawan Kalyan Vastunnaru…Aayanaku Managodu Chebuthanu'. Radhkrishna questioned, 'Why didn't PK object when the Woman compared him with Vangaveeti Ranga? Don't know why he remained silent. Such comments will cause damage to Pawan Kalyan. I had even mentioned - Andarivaadu Ga Undalanukunna Pawan Kalyan Ekkada? Ranga Ekkada? Vijayawada Lo Rowdy Rajakeeyalu Chesina Ranga-Radha, Nehru-Gandhi Ekkada?'.

RK claimed he had expressed the view that Pawan Kalyan will earn much good name if he fights against caste divisions in AP and strive for unity among people. 'I appreciate Pawan Kalyan for taking such a stand now. I firmly believe PK don't have caste feeling. For Me, Politics and Personal Relations are different. It's waste of time to warn Me. Much powerful people than Pawan Kalyan tried to crush Me but they were't successful. As the tour neared end, Pawan Kalyan could directly come to ABN Office and collect the employees list based on caste. I will welcome him if he is ready to pay a visit. Our Organization doesn't hire employees based on castes. We have done nothing wrong to get scared. In fact, Andhrajyothi has given most coverage to PK in the first phase of his tour just because people have the curiosity of what he would be speaking as his party is fighting for change. If he issues warning to those who criticize him, Then Pawan Kalyan will alone be on the losing side,' he cautioned.