Akula To Ditch Pawan, Return To BJP!

Thu Jun 20 2019 19:34:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Defection of Leaders from TDP and Jana Sena to other parties picked up after the 2019 Elections. While TDP lost four MPs already, JSP kept losing few prominent personalities it have.

Akula Satyanarayana who joined Jana Sena ahead of the 2019 Elections with the assurance on Rajahmundry MP Ticket decided to return to the National Party. He had settled for third position contesting against YCP's Margani Bharath and TDP's Maganti Roopa. Re-entry into BJP seems to be only option available.

Although Pawan Kalyan kept trying to boost the morale of Party Leaders,  Not many of them are showing faith in his capabilities to establish Jana Sena as a strong force. Few days ago, Ravela Kishore Babu jumped into BJP. And now, It's the turn of Akula Satyanarayana. If both Nadendla Manohar and VV Lakshminarayana bid goodbye, Jana Sena may find it tough to survive at least till the 2024 Elections.

Pawan Kalyan going into exile does nothing good for Jana Sena Party. He need to be pro-active and be in touch with the party leaders constantly.