Akun's Open Warning To Multiplexes

Wed Jul 18 2018 12:34:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

People have been complaining about the abnormal prices charged for soft drinks and snacks in the Multiplexes since few years. All these days, Officials haven't taken corrective measures inspite of receiving complaints.

Telangana Civil Supplies Department commissioner Akun Sabharwal focussed on the unauthorized looting of Multiplexes. Cases have been booked against multiplexes which sold snacks more than the MRP in the past one month.

Akun Sabharwal warned the representatives of Multiplexes that severe action would taken against those who charges more than MRP. He made it clear that all the items sold in the multiplexes should have MRP tags.

The IPS Officer told selling Popcorn, Sweet Corn and Ice Cream in small/big/extra large categories is illegal. When Akun asked them to follow these norms immediately, Multiplexes and Theatre Owners sought time till September 1st.

Frustrated consumers could now dial Toll-free Number 180042500333 or WhatsApp No.  733077444 to complain if Multiplexes/Theaters charge more than MRP.