If Not PK, Does AP need leaders like CBN?

Mon Mar 19 2018 20:08:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP Leaders might have been so insecure about their victory in next polls after Jana Sena Formation Day Meeting. Those who used to offer good importance to his suggestions as long as he backed the Ruling Party are now making senseless allegations.

AP Minister Amarnath Reddy commented Pawan Kalyan is just a pawn in the drama scripted by some others. 'Jana Sena Chief keeps changing his comments on daily basis. How should people understand his pledge to sit on fast-unto-death? Does he have maturity? or Was he reading script of someone else? AP doesn't need leaders like Pawan Kalyan. Such Leaders will cause problems to the interests of the state. KCR has been supporting BJP in Parliament while chanting Third Front,' he alleged.

If AP doesn't need leaders like Pawan Kalyan, Why did Chandrababu Naidu went all the way to the house of Jana Sena Chief before 2014 Polls? Why did Amarnath Reddy wait for four years to say Pawan Kalyan is good for nothing? Reddy need to clarify if AP really need leaders like Chandrababu who twisted his statements on Special Status at will.

Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu questioned why BJP is so scared of No Confidence Motion. 'Looks like, PM Modi lacks confidence on winning the voting with BJP MPs. They might be fearing BJP MPs who are angry with Modi may support the Motion. BJP is acting in an undemocratic manner,' complains Yanamala.

TDP Leaders speaking about democracy appears like a joke. Why were the defected MLAs not disqualified? How can TDP justify taking YCP MLAs into the cabinet? Isn't that undemocratic Yanamala?