Anam Brothers regret joining TDP?

Mon Jul 17 2017 17:03:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anam Brothers have been a dominant force in Nellore when they were in the Congress Party for almost 3 decades. Situation changed a lot post bifurcation and they were forced to join TDP after 2014 General Elections. However, They kept regretting taking such a decision in the recent past.

TDP Leadership promised to offer MLC Seat for Anam Viveka in Governor's Quota long back. Much to the shock of Anam, Ramasubba Reddy and Farooq were likely to be nominated as MLCs in Governor's Quota.

In addition, Anam Brothers complain they were denied invitation for official programmes. The Duo says invitation wasn't given to them even for the inauguration of Junior College which happened in the premises of their own PRC College. What else can be a bigger insult than this?

Though Anam Viveka has been in Hyderabad since 3 months due to health issues, Buzz that he isn't staying in Nellore because of lack of due recognition in TDP has been picking up now. It's up to Viveka to clarify whether the reports are true or false.