Minister Calls Dalits DOGS, Prakash Raj hits back!

Sun Jan 21 2018 13:42:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde stirred a controversy with his objectionable remark on the Constitution few weeks ago. He went on to say the word 'Secular' should be removed from the Constitution and BJP has come to power for doing that. He, however, issued an apology in Parliament after a nationwide uproar.

When he came to Bellary from Bengaluru recently for the launch of a Job Fair, Dalits blocked the vehicle of Anant Kumar Hegde and demanded an apology. Post the inauguration of Job Fair, The Minister said: 'We are determined to help you & ready to do anything for your sake. We don't succumb to the barkings and protests of street dogs'.

Quickly, Prakash Raj called Anant Kumar Hegde as a serial offender for calling Dalits Dogs just for protesting against his controversial remark. He now wants to know whether Supreme Leaders of BJP would ask him to step down at least now or They will endorse his Abusive Talk.