This Andaman And Nicobar Tribe Doesn't Vote!

Sun Apr 14 2019 16:05:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shompen is known to be the last surviving stone-age tribe living the dense forests of Great Nicobar. For the first time in the history of Andaman And Nicobar Islands, Only Two (a 75-Year-Old Man and 32-Year-Old Woman) out of 107 eligible voters exercised their right to vote in 2014 Elections.

Election Commission had high hopes this time after close to 35 Shompens with Voter IDs attended multiple awareness workshops at Laxminagar, Campbell Bay. The Local Administration even established a special polling booth which resembles their huts for the tribals. However, None of them turned up to cast their vote.

Shompens live in the dense forest. Except few government officials and a communicator, Nobody is allowed to enter their zone. Shompens treat the Moon as their Goddess. They speak coastal Nicobarese, survive on honey, fish, tortoise meat, wild boar and edible fruits. Females in Shompens Community don't come out of the forest.

Onge and Great Andamanese Tribes have been exercising their right to vote since few years. While 51 Onges (24 males, 27 females) voted, 26 Great Andamanese Tribes (14 males, 12 females) too casted their votes.