Nandi Awards to be scrapped? AP Govt warns

Mon Nov 20 2017 12:03:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP Government decided to conduct Nandi Awards ceremony in a never before manner at the new capital Amaravati. The Awards list consists of names of the Top Stars of Telugu & Tamil Cinema. This a move planned to develop Film Industry in Andhra Pradesh.

However, The plan backfired due to the controversy over the selection process. Particularly, Offering nine Nandi Awards for 'Legend' didn't go down well with many people. Several Filmmakers & Actors questioned how could landmark films like 'Manam', 'Baahubali' & 'Rudramadevi' be neglected.

Andhra Pradesh Government is very serious over the allegations made against it. It's now even contemplating on scrapping the Nandi Awards if the controversy doesn't end anytime soon as such things damage the image of the Government.

Actually, Telugu Film Industry is based in Hyderabad. All the Heroes and Technicians live in the Telangana Capital. Offices of all the Film Bodies are in Hyderabad itself. Most of them doesn't even have a voter card in AP. Even the taxes have been paid to Telangana Government only. Though NRIs live in foreign countries, They contribute to the state they belong to in some way or the other. Whereas, Film Celebs prefer buying their properties mostly in Hyderabad. Still, AP Government decided to continue the tradition of Nandi Awards. Representatives of State Government inform Jury Members were given full freedom during the selection process.

How does Film Personalities react to the latest indication given by AP Government? Do they feel it's better to scrap the Awards rather than doing injustice to deserving people!