Modi Didn't Reply Due To His EGO: Anna Hazare

Mon Jan 22 2018 18:43:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Social Activist Anna Hazare alleged Narendra Modi has developed an ego ever since he became Prime Minister. While speaking at a public rally, He claimed to have written 30 letters to Prime Minister in the past three years but received any reply for none of them because of Modi's ego.

Anna Hazare announced he is planning another massive agitation for Jan Lokpal and Farmers issues in New Delhi from March 23rd, 2018. He says, 'It will be a first-of-its-kind agitation that's gonna warn the Government'.

Expressing his disinterest for active politics, Hazare clarifies he won't be using his rallies and agitations to gain votes. He believes the agitation meant for farmers issues is as huge as that of Jan Lokpal during UPA regime.

The Activist demanded implementation of Jan Lokpal bill, Lokayukta appointment, Rs 5,000 pension to farmers and Higher Rates for Farm Produce.