NZ Mosque Attack: Yet Another Telanganite Died!

Mon Mar 18 2019 15:22:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Death Toll of Christchurch Terror Attack continued to increase with people succumbing to the bullet wounds. Techie Mohammad Farhaj Ahsan and Imran Ahmed Khan, both hailing from Telangana, had passed away by Saturday.

As per the latest update, Another Telanganite identified as Ozair Khadir breathed his last. Death of this Aeronautical Student studying in New Zealand was confirmed by the Indian High Commission Today. This shouldn't have happened to the 25-Year-Old.

So far, Eight Indian Nationals had died in the terror attack which took place at two mosques in New Zealand. New Zealand PM offered to bear the expenses of treatment and funeral of all 51 deceased people.

Telanganite Ahmed Iqbal Jehangir who underwent surgery after receiving bullets shots is recuperating at the moment.