Coming Soon: Pawan's Are O Samba!

Sun Apr 22 2018 14:12:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan announced 'Are O Samba !! Hukum Sardar !!' Program will be arriving soon for the sake of fun and time pass of the public. '#AreyOSambaHukumSardar Program will bring you some simple chitchat, gossip, photos, videos etc..from our Samba's world. P.S And also steamy affairs from our Samba's world,' he informed.

On the other hand, Kathi Mahesh opined Pawan Kalyan has become Panileni Kalyan and placing mad tweets assuming media channels conspired to damage his reputation. He dared to say Jana Sena Chief is behaving like a paranoia affected person who is suffering from insecurity and identity crisis. 'Pawan Kalyan has been ruining his political career. Evaraina Kapadandi,' he wrote.

How could Kathi Mahesh expect fans to maintain restrain by making such Tweets? Isn't this provoking? All of a sudden Kathi Mahesh is so worried about Pawan Kalyan's political career. What does he gain by targeting Jana Sena Supremo repeatedly? What's that disease he is suffering from to do all this stuff? Kathi...Please Speak Out!